by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh
'Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth!'
~ Archimedes

Well we have no intention to move the earth, but given a chance, we would love to work with you and your team to take your organization to the next level. We at Acumen Business Consulting have been associated with a lot of organizations to change the course of their sales team by turning them into passionate "Best" Sellers.

While putting the organizations en-route to the Best Sellers way, we work in the following areas:

Best Sellers' Organizations - An end-to-end Consulting Engagement to infuse the Best Sellers DNA in the organization's culture.

Best Seller Audits - Sometimes it's important to look at yourself through some-one else's eyes. And not just any eyes, we recommend specially trained eyes to gauge your team's readiness to take on the competition.

Best Sellers Training Intervention - A training program for the customer facing teams to help them make the power of the six Best Seller principles a part of their life. And of course coaching the Sales Managers to handhold and nurture Best Sellers in their team.

Best Sellers Conferences - A shorter association of 2 to 3 hours where small doses of thought provoking insights need to be given to the team for enthusing instant energy and readiness for new perspectives.

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