by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh

Devang is a senior consultant at Acumen. He helps organizations in designing sustainable world-class customer expriences. His programmes on managing oneself are called life-changing by many participants.

He has worked on creation of franchisee frameworks and operations manuals for companies in India and the Middle East. He is an expert on sales management and has worked closely with sales teams from different industries through training interventions to enhance their selling competencies. He is also one of the few practitioners of gamification in India and has helped craft interventions that have resulted in dramatic increases in performance. Intensely creative and holistic in his approach, he frequently surprises clients with his out of the box ideas.

Tanveer is one of the founding members of Acumen and the head of the business development. He cut his teeth in his own family managed business before venturing into management consulting. In his 14 years in the consulting industry, he has worked on and led engagements in India, Africa and the Middle East, with a roster of clients that spans some of the largest conglomerates, MNCs and SMEs.

He is an expert on creating and sustaining a world-class customer experience and is sought after for executive coaching engagements. He has written articles on performance management, customer experience, and entrepreneurship.

   Acumen Business Consulting was started in 2000 with a single dream - to deliver business success to organiza-tions across the globe. The company focuses on providing practical, highly customized and implementable solu-tions through its consulting and organization development engagements.
Acumen has conducted over 150 engagements across India covering industry verticals like Manufacturing, Real Estate, FMCG, Telecom, Automotives and Pharmaceuticals. Our clients include large conglomerates, up-coming players from the SME space as well as family managed businesses. Acumen believes that each organization is unique and that there are no "best-practices" that will work in every organization. Any solution must take into account both, the ground realities and the culture of the business, if it is to give value to our clients.

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