by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh

Best Sellers tells the story of Aditya and Ryan, the heads of sales and marketing at Maxima. Maxima's Sensex graph has been plunging. Aditya and Ryan have tried every known sales trick and technique to bring it back on the upward trail, but have been unsuccessful. One day, desperate to seek a new direction, they come across an enigmatic and mysterious consultant who refers to himself as the Entity.

The Entity takes them on a six-week treasure hunt where each week they are faced with a task, which unfolds into treasures of learnings and new paradigms. Through these tasks the Entity introduces Aditya and Ryan to a series of successful Best Sellers. Each Best Seller guides them ahead in their hunt for the power of the six principles. With each principle they dive deeper into the minds of the Best Sellers to understand their ingredient for success.

As they themselves start adapting to these principles, their life starts changing and so does the response of the customers towards Maxima. While the Entity keeps directing them to a higher level with each new task, Aditya and Ryan are clueless about his identity as well as his purpose for helping them.

Imparted with wit and simplicity, Best Sellers is a heartwarming and inspiring tale that brings new paradigms in the way each one of us sells.

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