by Devang Kanavia & Tanveer Shaikh

Everything is about selling
Sales, as traditionally defined, is trading off something that you have for something that you want in return. That means every moment you are either selling some benefits, your perspectives, or your ideas in return for something that you want. You may like it or not, but your entire life revolves around how you sell, or get sold into. Yes, everything is about selling!

While each one of us tries to use this tact to the best of our ability for moving ahead in our life, some people use it in a more explicit and focused way to make money out of it. These are the people who are either selling or trading something. Yes, you guessed it right, they are the sellers, commonly referred to as the salesman.

The maximum part of any population or any organization is usually dealing or managing sales. Don't they all look alike? Yes they do. But look closer and you find marked differences in a few, which make them stand apart from the rest.

These are not the regular sellers whom you meet every day. They are the ones you meet once, and remember for a lifetime.

These are the ones who strive to differentiate themselves to be the best.

These are the BEST SELLERS!